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New fund Bright Gambit launches to support "overlooked" game devs

Initiative says it intends to help bridge the gap between funding and market experience for smaller-sized creators

Today private funding initiative Bright Gambit launched and said that it intends to support games from marginalized communities and overlooked regions.

The new fund will focus on project funding and helping developers gain industry experience, particularly targeting "boutique games" with a small budget.

In its announcement, the company clarified that it will not take company equity and will support projects for all platforms and monetization models. Bright Gambit added that it will also not take any publishing claims to the games it's funding.

Bright Gambit is supported by various game industry professionals who came together to support the vision.

Some of the organization's members include Andreea Chifu (business developer at Raw Fury), Tim Browne (creative director at Expansive Worlds), Juliette Auverny-Bennetot (legal counsellor at Raw Fury), Vic Bassey (founder of Games Industry Africa), investor Karl Magnus Troedsson, Robert Backstrom (Aurora Punks' founder), and Tobias Andersson (Turborilla's founder).

"There is a big gap in terms of funding and market experience for small development teams and we would like to play a small role to bridge that," said co-founder Andreea Chifu.

"The games industry is beautiful and thriving with lots of resources and opportunities worth multiple billions of dollars, which has facilitated the creation of games with large scale budgets to be made. But as a paradox, it is often harder for games with a niche sensibility and budget to receive funding and access to information especially in regions where games are not a common investment."

Vic Bassey added that Bright Gambit is not looking to compete with established publishers or VCs.

"We've all come together because there are many communities around the world where the sums we hope to make available can be life-changing whilst also helping unique and diverse auteurs find their creative voices and bring their games to a growing global gaming audience," he said.

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