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Brianna Wu's Congress bid fails, vows to run again in 2020

“America needs better leadership more than we need another video game. So, I am here for good.”

Games developer Brianna Wu was unsuccessful in her first campaign to run for US Congress.

Wu announced her intentions to vie for a position in the House of Representatives back in December 2016, planning to champion women in tech, revive the games industry in Boston and fight invasions of privacy and cyberbullying.

The results of the Democratic Primary came in yesterday, with the New York Times reporting Wu lost the seat to eight-term congressman Stephen Lynch, who secured 71 per cent of the vote. Wu still managed to secure 23 per cent, beating Air Force veteran Christopher Voehl, who took just six per cent.

In a Twitter thread, Wu reflected on her campaign and vowed to do better in the 2020 elections. She admitted "I did not put nearly the amount of work into this that I should have" and plans to "spend more time on this and hire a much larger team" next time around.

"My biggest mistake early on was not hiring experienced people at the beginning," she said. "I thought I could do it like a startup, and we could learn as we went. By the time I realised that was a failing strategy it was too late."

She notes that she had kept financial reserves to begin hiring people for 2020, and feels she has learned how to deliver good speeches, work a room and generally better equip herself for future campaigns.

"I'm going to be honest with all of you," she concluded. "I like developing video games much more than being a politician. But this is a public service. We are literally trying to save this country.

"America needs better leadership more than we need another video game. So, I am here for good."

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