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Brian Fargo wants to buy back Interplay

Fargo will attempt to acquire the company he co-founded in 1983 if Bard's Tale IV hits sales target

InXile Entertainment founder Brian Fargo had pledged to buy back Interplay, the company he co-founded in 1983.

Speaking on Twitter, Fargo framed his promise as a "stretch goal" for InXile's forthcoming PC game, The Bard's Tale IV.

"I'm asked what would we do if 'Bard's Tale IV' PC is a big hit," Fargo said, before adding that he will attempt to acquire Interplay if the game sells more than two million units within 18 months.

In response to a question from on of his followers, Fargo said that any deal for Interplay would come with "tons" of IP, including Dragon Wars, Earthworm Jim, Sacrifice and Kingpin.

Fargo has subsequently clarified that he was entirely serious about his desire to buy Interplay, which he co-founded in 1983. "My fans have been requesting me to bring back my old Interplay games for years," he told Variety, "and this would be the most amazing way to make that happen."

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