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A finalist at the 11th Annual Independent Games Festival.

Hampstead, NC, 09 January 2009

No strangers to the Independent Games Festival, Digital Eel will once again make their way to the Game Developers Conference and the 11th Annual Independent Games Festival, having had their latest title, BRAINPIPE, just nominated as a finalist in the Excellence In Audio category. The last time they were nominated for Excellence In Audio (2006 with Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space) they won. Will history repeat itself?

Shrapnel Games, publisher of BRAINPIPE, would like to give a hearty congratulations to Rich Carlson, Iikka Keranen, and Phosphorous on their nomination and wish them the best of luck in March! While we will admit that we haven't heard the audio for their competition, we find it hard to believe that anyone has a chance to stand up to the sheer aural genius of Digital Eel.

BRAINPIPE's soundscape, using the all new Eelmix, is a sensory trip that evokes an ethereal voyage through worlds of velvet while it passionately makes love to your ears. It's Tantric sex for your Soundblaster. And you all you need to experience it is a minute or two to download the demo, found here.

BRAINPIPE is a fast (and then slow...and then fast...and then slow...) one button arcade game featuring trippy visuals, an awesome soundtrack, and extremely addictive gameplay. Racing through the tunnels of the sub-conscious on a journey to achieve unhumanity, the player must avoid the hypnotic but deadly psyche shattering obstacles while collecting as many glyphs as possible. Learn how to play in a minute, love it for the rest of your life!

IndieGames thinks that " must buy this game, even if it means stealing from grannies or breaking the piggy bank with all of your life savings in it." We concur.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun wants you to know that Simon Carless of Gamasutra loves him some BRAINPIPE. "Simon loves it..." RPS says. See.

The 99th at Play This Thing! thinks that BRAINPIPE " more fun than mass rioting." Have you tried mass rioting lately? It's pretty hard to top.

Once you've blown away your senses with the demo head back to the same page to purchase the full amazing experience for only $14.95 as an immediate download. Currently BRAINPIPE is only available for Windows but a Mac version is being worked on. No official date for the Mac version has been announced.

For more information on the Independent Games Festival please visit The award winners will be announced at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on March 25th as part of the Game Developers Conference.

To check out more games by Digital Eel, from the free to the outer limits of the galaxy, please stop by While there, be sure to peruse our library of award-winning and highly acclaimed strategy titles on a wide range of topics. Our latest releases includes the above mentioned BRAINPIPE and War Plan Pacific, a game of grand World War Two strategy playable in under three hours!

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