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Brain Training dominates 2008 in Europe

Biggest demand for Nintendo DS title is in Germany and Holland

Brain Training titles for the Nintendo DS are continuing to dominate software charts in Europe throughout 2008 so far, proving the long-tail viability of the games and backing up Satoru Iwata's E3 press conference comments.

According to information released by Media Control GfK International, Brain Training titles took the number one placing in charts listing the top-sellers for the first six months of 2008 across a host of countries.

In Holland, Switzerland and Belgium the original Brain Training was the most popular, while Germany's best-selling title was More Brain Training - and both games took the top two slots in Spain.

The same titles featured in the top ten for Austria and Italy too, and according to the MD of Media Control GfK International, Ulrike Altig, the games are partly responsible for making the DS a heavyweight in the European console market.

"The success is closely associated with the brain training trend," said Altig. "Players use the DS particularly often for brain training exercises".

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