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Boom Brigade

Leaderboards, save games and a new chapter among features of latest update.

Tampere, Finland – January 28, 2010 – 10tons Ltd announced today that the second update for the hit game Boom Brigade is now available for iPhone™ and iPod touch®. The update includes a whole new chapter and a lot of new features including online leaderboards and saving game progress.

"We admit that it took some time, but now the game is definitely better than ever. We've got a new chapter, new monsters, online leaderboards, and the long awaited save games", commented Tero Alatalo, the CEO of 10tons Ltd. "The game was great value before, but now it's beyond excellent. It's so awesome that everyone who likes shooting some aliens should definitely grab it."

The update for Boom Brigade is fairly extensive. The game is now saved between the waves and therefore can be picked up later if interrupted. On the content side there is a whole new chapter with three new unique aliens including an epic boss. Also, artillery barrages become available in the third chapter. To bring variation into the game play, the experience is different in all the chapters. For example, the first chapter starts with only one trooper but the third chapter starts with several troopers and a hefty amount of cash. Finally, the players can now post their scores on the leaderboards.

The game is developed and published by 10tons Ltd. Their other iPhone games such as Azkend, Rope Raider, and Dragon Portals have been getting outstanding reviews since their release and are still growing in audience. Additional unique titles for just iPhone and iPod touch are in the horizon alongside mobile adaptations of their successful casual games.

The game will be available for a sale price of $1.99 or 1.59€ until February the 7th 2010. The final price will be $3.99 or 2.99€. The update is free for those who have already purchased the previous version of the game. Promo codes are available on request for press members.

Boom Brigade is available from Apple’s App Store on iPhone or iPod touch or at For more information, please visit For the latest news, please visit

About 10tons

10tons Ltd. is a Finnish game publisher and developer founded in 2003. Their debut title, Crimsonland, has become a cult-classic among fans of top down shooter games. 10tons has released several games for the iPhone and iPod touch. Their latest creations include Rope Raider and Miriel the Magical Merchant. 10tons has also created eight casual games under the MythPeople brand. These include popular titles such as Azkend, Miriel's Enchanted Mystery, and Sparkle. To find out more, please visit


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