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Block-A-Drop: Christmas Rush

Block/conveyer belt puzzler with a seasonal theme, available for the iPhone now.


Gloucestershire, England -- December 6, 2009 -- Block-A-Drop : Christmas Rush released for the iPhone and iPod touch Are you ready for the festive season? Get in the mood with Block-A-Drop, the best game to keep kids and adults entertained throughout the holiday season!

Block-A-Drop takes the best elements from match 3 and reaction games to create a totally innovative and fresh puzzle game experience. Blocks will drop from a height onto a conveyer belt, which is controlled by the user. The blocks on the belt need to be arranged so that falling blocks will create rows or columns of the same block type. Three or more blocks of the same type in a row or column will gain the user points, however you can easily lose blocks over the side of the conveyer so watch out!

The game features two main game modes. In puzzle mode you must rack up enough points to move onto the next level. Each level gets progressively more difficult. In challenge mode you must gain as many points as possible without losing a single block.

"This is our first iPhone release, " said Andy Yates, who is one half of the Bumpkin Brothers team. "We wanted to create something festive and fun but didn't want to saturate the market with another clone! That's why we came up with the Block-A-Drop concept."

Block-A-Drop: Christmas rush is available NOW on the iTunes AppStore and costs $0.99 / £0.59 / etc...

AppStore Link:


Press and review websites are welcome to ask for a review copy, please contact Bumpkin Brothers from the email below. Any questions or comments are also welcome!

About Bumpkin Brothers

Bumpkin Brothers are two lads stuck in the middle of England, a little too close to Wales but not far enough from the big city! They are working on a number of exciting new titles, of which Block-A-Drop is the first.


Andy Yates


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