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Blizzard VP confirms 'Titan' project

Warcraft firm "getting some of the best talent in the industry" to work on new MMO

Blizzard senior VP and co-founder Frank Pearce has apparently lent some credence to an alleged leaked roadmap of the World of Warcraft developer's plans.

The product calendar referenced a title known as 'Titan', due for a 2013 release. Said Pearce to Destructoid, "Titan is... the media is not meant to know anything about that."

"It's our next-gen MMO and we've only started talking about it in a limited fashion because we want to leverage the fact that we're working on something like that for the purpose of recruiting – getting some of the best talent in the industry on that."

Blizzard has repeatedly revealed over the last few years that it's working on a new MMO, and one apparently not related to its existing IPs.

No further proof has been offered that the roadmap, which also noted two further World of Warcraft expansions, "WoW Mobile," a Diablo III release date of late 2011 and the opening up of Battle.net to third parties, is genuine.

It has been alleged that the document may have originated from Blizzard's China offices. General manager Ye Weilun resigned unexpectedly shortly after the roadmap's arrival on an MMO fansite, but there is no proven connection between the two events.

No further information on Titan, including whether that will be the game's final title, is available.

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