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Blizzard "exploring a Diablo-related concept for consoles"

Studio hiring for project; plus StarCraft II sets new piracy record

StarCraft studio Blizzard has confirmed it is experimenting with converting its Diablo hack'n'slash series to console.

"We're exploring a Diablo-related concept for consoles and are currently looking to fill a few senior console-related positions on the Diablo III team," the company revealed on one of its community blogs.

"As we've said in the past, with proper care the gameplay could suit the console platform, and we're interested in seeing what talent out there might be interested in such a project."

Despite making this statement so publicly, the famously information-careful developer refuted that this was a confirmation that the much-loved RPG will see a console conversion.

"Please note that this is not an announcement of a console title. We are first and foremost developing Diablo III for Windows and Mac PCs and don't intend to allow any possibility of a console interpretation to delay or affect the release of the game."

It was also established this morning that Blizzard's most recent title, StarCraft II, has been pirated an estimated 2.3 million times via Bittorrent.

P2P monitoring site TorrentFreak reports that, with 15.77 Petabytes shifted, StarCraft II has transferred more data than any other torrent in history.

The site speculates, however, that Blizzard's own torrent tracker for legitimately purchased download copies of the game has moved even more data.

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