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Commercially launched following post-beta issue-fixing.

eFusion MMOG is happy to announce Blitz1941 official launch.

In the Open Beta phase we were able to track and fix remaining issues in the game, and can now grant access to all features of Blitz1941 including the premium items to our loyal Beta Tester and all customers!

In the new version all maps are finally opened and revised that users can enjoy now the full landscape of Blitz1941 and new ones are preparation. Furthermore all tanks have been adjusted to advance the game balance and some user interfaces have been changed for a better usability.

eFusion MMOG is continuously working on the game´s balance and will add new content every month, like an improved field occupation system for more exciting battles.

For the official opening, eFusion MMOG is holding a Double-Up Bonus and Premium Item Lottery Event. Everyone who is playing Blitz1941 until November 16th 2009, gain Exp, Credits and Victory Points twice and all users playing until November 23th 2009 will participate in a lottery for Premium Items.

Along with the introduction of new Premium Items, the Item Shop of has been updated, redesigned and has been extended with a full German version for all games for a more convenient shopping experience.

About Blitz1941:

Blitz1941 is a free-2-play MMO tank simulation game based on the German-Soviet conflict during World War II.

Gamers can choose one of over 60 different historically correct tanks of both sides, fight against other players to occupy the enemy’s cities. Up to 3000 players per server can engage in large-scale combat operations at the same time. Attacking the opponents tanks is also important as upgrading the own tank and working on the military career.

Blitz 1941 is a unique online tank simulation with elements of role-playing and real-time-strategy gaming. Blitz 1941 is easy to learn, offers innovative and compelling strategic depth and grows with its community for endless, cooperative entertainment.

Company information:

eFusion MMOG GmbH is the official European publisher of Navy Field and based in Germany. Navy Field Europe has been started from August 2007 and it’s published to Pan-Europe. Since 2009 eFusion is developing Blitz1941 to offer one more ambitious military MMOG to gamers. eFusion MMOG is focusing on MMOGs and will publish more qualified Korean MMOGs to the worldwide markets.


eFusion MMOG GmbH

Mergenthalerallee 77

D-65760 Eschborn

Phone: +49 (0)6196 - 998690 - 0

Fax: +49 (0)6196 - 998690 - 9

Mail to:


CEO: Myoung Seon Lim

PR: Martin Simon

Mail to:

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