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Black Wolf Games' PC game "Anime Bowling Babes" into test

Black Wolf Games are pleased to announce the imminent completion of their Ten Pin Bowling game, "Anime Bowling Babes" for PC (consoles to follow).

For immediate release.

Game features:

Arcade mode, with exaggerated speed, physics and special effects, or Simulation mode, offering a stunningly realistic game of ten pin. Anime Bowling Babes has both.

It also has:

  • Multiplayer (One to four player)
  • 5 graphically unique alleys,
  • Challenge modes (complete preset challenges, such as knocking down all but one pin) Tournaments (knockout competition) Practice mode (become a bowling master before challenging your friends) Numerous unlockables including oversize pins, oversize balls, mini-pins, mini-balls and player controlled camera.

... all taking place in the cute world of Ayame, Shina, Himeko, Mukuko, Sayaka and Erin - the Anime Bowling Babes. Select which of the six girls you would like to control and get bowling.

On the technical front the game's custom game engine features:

Advanced dynamic Artificial Intelligence which actually learns from human players, Powerful 3d engine, featuring reflection maps, real time dynamic shadows, per-vertex dynamic lighting, modulate lightmap blending and softskin skeletal animation.

In addition Black Wolf have licensed the Tokamak physics engine to provide the stunningly realistic physics simulation, and the Particle Candy effects engine for special graphical effects.

Black Wolf Games is an independently funded development studio set up in 2003. Founder and lead programmer, Philip Ings set out to build a studio, which embraces the modern business practices of outsourcing and middleware licensing as an aid to creating a firm business foundation which in turn allowed them to remain creatively independent.

With Anime Bowling Babes safely entering the final testing phase development has already begun on their next title, which is also being self-financed. No details of the next title are available yet but Black Wolf Games intend to keep moving, keep exploring new possibilities and keep bringing exciting new games to the market.

A playable demo of the game has already been produced and will be available for download once the publication date is finalised.

A full feature list, screenshots and contact details can be found at http://www.animebowlingbabes.com Alternatively you can contact the team's press/publisher contact via email - dan@animebowlingbabes.com

Note to editors:

Black Wolf Games' press and publisher liaison is handled by Dan Marchant's Obscure Consultancy (www.obscure.co.uk). However we seek at all times to remain obscure and to promote only our clients. We would be grateful if you would print only the above contact details.

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