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Web-based, download-free, free-to-use, push-to-talk voice chat for MMO gamers.

November 03, 2009 09:08 AM Eastern Time

NEW YORK - You’re about to jump on a MMOG and need to bring other players into a voice chat session. After time-consuming downloads, complicated invites and discovering that your best player can’t join the chat because he’s on a Mac and not a PC, you finally begin playing – just as your game is rudely interrupted by loud team members. Your voice chat system, which should be providing you with a better gaming experience, has become more trouble than it was worth. Now, Blabbelon is removing the headaches associated with antiquated voice chat services and offering users a new gaming experience.

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In just one click, Blabbelon users are up and running with the Internet voice chat service using Skype’s SILK super wideband audio codec – offering a free, high-quality push-to-talk voice service that uses approximately 50 percent less network bandwidth than previously required. Once a user enters a chat or “Blab,” they can invite participants to join in numbers far greater than other push-to-talk services and easily manage their various groups through Blabbelon’s extensive built-in administration features.

I come from a family of avid gamers, and we were all frustrated with our options for online voice chat. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just register once, click and talk and at the same time have the ability to easily invite people to join me, manage my various groups, and control my game through better quality communication. And so Blabbelon was born,” said Ed Ikeguchi, founder and CEO of Blabbelon.

Acting like a giant walkie-talkie, Blabbelon is perfect for MMOs and other online gaming environments. Designed to overcome the range of limitations that come with other push-to-talk systems like Ventrilo, Blabbelon offers users:

One-Click Entry with No Downloads: Users register once for the service, and can start new chats (called Blabs) through a URL. Chats are run through a Web browser with no complicated start-up procedures and no software downloads, allowing other applications to run simultaneously while the Blab runs in the background.

Fast Push-to-Talk/Low Lag: Blabbelon provides minimal delays in push-to-talk timing, ensuring quick reaction time to any in-game occurrences and lower lag times, while still providing superior voice quality with less bandwidth consumption.

Party Control: Each user within a game is placed within a specific stereo space, giving administrators more control over their groups. Blab leaders can be assigned dominant push-to-talk capabilities- allowing features such as better management of unruly users and ensuring that sessions run smoothly without forcing session members to mute offending parties. Also, Blabbelon allows administrators to permanently ban unwanted users

Party/RAID/Guild Security: Purchasing a server with other services often means that “chat leeches” continue to use the server without permission, but Blabbelon enables the administrator to set a wide-range of group security measures. Through Blabbelon, administrators can easily reset a URL, keeping leeches from re-navigating back to a voice server as with other services such as Ventrilo.

Multi-Platform Control: Blabbelon works on Windows, Mac, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome without the need to download any content, install new browser toolbars or submit passwords.

Scalable: Each Blabbelon session can handle several thousand users.

Privacy: Blabbelon is a personalized and private environment. Only invited and known users are allowed to join, and users can maintain complete anonymity through the use of in-system aliases.

“I used Ventrilo for years, but since trying Blabbelon for about a month now – I’ve converted my entire Guild – and we’re all telling our friends about it. There’s no comparison, really. It’s easier to use, simpler to manage, sounds great – and it’s free. What more could you ask for?” said Lance Hurd, guild master of True Blood of Malkier, Alliance Mok'Nathal.


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About Blabbelon

Blabbelon is a free, push-to-talk, private Voice over IP service that helps people gather and communicate. It uses Skype’s SILK codec to deliver super wideband audio quality. Requiring no software downloads and running through a Web browser, Blabbelon is a multi-platform service that is ideal for a wide range of voice needs. Blabbelon is a privately-held company, headquartered in New York City.


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