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Bilson: Homefront most pre-ordered game in THQ history

200,000 US pre-sales, but developer Kaos' fate still uncertain

Upcoming THQ shooter is the most pre-ordered title in the publisher's history, according to core games VP Danny Bilson.

He told Eurogamer that the US vs Korea shooter, due for release next week, had accrued 200,000 pre-orders in the US already.

Nonetheless, he was unable to completely play down rumours (reported by Develop) that Homefront developer Kaos might be facing significant redundancies come the project's completion.

"I tell them the more successful a game is, the better the economics are for the franchise, and that will help to influence what we do," he told Eurogamer. "So we haven't made any decisions at the moment. That's the truth. We're going to look at how it goes. We don't want to relocate people just to relocate people."

The Kaos team is based in New York, but THQ last October revealed plans for a 400-head super-studio in Montreal. Rumour had it that Kaos would be dissolved and chosen staff moved to Canada once Homefront has shipped.

"A lot of it has to do with how successful [Homefront] is and how strong that core team comes out on the other side," Bilson claimed. "I love those guys. I've worked very closely with them on this game for years. There's nothing disrespectful going on at all. We're trying to do what's best for everyone."

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