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Bigpoint to distribute online EA games

Bringing Battlefield, Tiger Woods to 180m-user browser platform

German online developer/publisher Bigpoint has inked a deal to provide EA's portfolio of online games on its portals.

Bigpoint claims some 180 million registered users for its games, and thus may offer additional reach for EA titles. Games known to be included in the plans are Battlefield Heroes, Lords of Ultima and Tiger Woods Online, according to VentureBeat.

Similar deals with other major publishers are also in the works, claimed the German firm.

Bigpoint has seen some success from its recent free to play MMO Battlestar Galactica Online, with the browser-based sci-fi game drawing almost 500,000 users since launch. This, and the EA deal, are part of a concerted push into the US which has already seen 90 staff hired in San Francisco.

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