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Become a WWII dogfighting action ace in Heroes of the Pacific – PC demo out now!

Grab the demo now from

Ahead of Heroes of the PacificTM's take off date of September 9th, engage in some awesome aerial combat action right now with the PC demo, available to download from

Released today to mark the 60th anniversary of V-J Day, when the Allies celebrated victory over Japanese forces, the demo takes you into the skies for three key missions from World War II's Pacific Theatre. There's also an incredible multiplayer dogfight mission over Midway for up to 8 online or LAN players.

Through the full game you'll be piloting over 35 of World War II's fiercest fighters with authentic handling from the US, Allied and Japanese air forces. In the demo's single-player mode, climb into the cockpits of the high-performance Corsair F4U-4, the twin-boomed Lightning P38F-15, the tightly manoeuvrable Tempest MkII and the Bearcat F8F, a true hotrod.

Alternatively, take on your mates in multiplayer battles and you'll be piloting the fearsome Japanese Zero A6M2, the ultra-fast Raiden J2M2, the FW-190A-8 and the Frank KI-84-1A, best Japanese fighter of the war that had US pilots saying "Forget it, it's a Frank".

The demo's single-player missions catapult you into three Pacific hotspots:

Pearl Harbor - Surprise Attack:

  • Caught off guard by a Japanese surprise attack, get up into the skies immediately to avoid being destroyed by ground attack planes. Once airborne, defend the planes still on the ground and the fuel facilities at all costs.

Wake Island - Evacuate the Admiral

  • The relentless bombardments have knocked out the majority of the US air forces defences and evacuation procedures have begun. As the Japanese send another wave of landing craft and assault troops towards Wake Island, intercept and destroy them before they reach the shore and capture US key personnel and the senior Admiral still on the island.

Marshall Islands - Attack On Taroa Airfield

  • The Japanese airfield on Taroa poses a serious threat to the US carrier fleet. US surveillance has revealed construction of two radar towers that would act as an early warning system. Your mission is to knock out the radar towers and then destroy the remaining air defences. The mission's on a tight deadline as the US forces are about to land paratroopers in the area to capture the base.

That's just a taste of the aerial combat adventures that await you in Heroes of the Pacific coming September 9th for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

Get all the latest on the game along with the new PC demo, now available for download from

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- Fight to the death in incredible aerial battles from WWII's Pacific Theatre.

- Over 35 playable aircraft, including Fighters, Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers, and Bombers, with more to unlock.

- Up to 150 planes in the sky at one time, each with full AI and physics.

- 26 compelling and dramatic missions taken from real events of the Pacific campaign.

- Incredibly detailed plane and ship models, with complex lighting and environment effects.

- Player controllable wingmen, through a fast and innovative menu system.

- Two-player split screen multiplayer on PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

- Online play for up to eight players.

- Realistic environments, including dynamic 3D water.

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