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Beagle missions

Series of free Flight Sim X missions on the way to mark Charles Darwin's 200th birthday.

Are you an FSX pilot? Do you like to fly missions? We've got some news for you. During 2009 and 2010 FScene is publishing a new series of free Flight Simulator X Missions, in cooperation with a team of old FS boys.

Ruud Faber, Jaap van Hees, Chip Barber and Francois Dumas are all 'veterans' of the international flight simulation 'scene' and have put their spare time, enthusiasm and talents together to come up with this new "Beagle" series.

The missions are all Inspired by a recently started 35-part Radio/TV series of VPRO, a Dutch Radio/TV station, to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birth year and the 150th anniversary of his publication of “On the Origin of Species”. They follow the greater part of Charles Darwin's journey on the HMS "Beagle" (1831-1836). Packed with Scientists, writers and artists the clipper "Stad Amsterdam" has left Plymouth on the first of September 2009 for this 8 months' journey around the world.

Join their adventure, and lend a hand! Supplied by air they need new instruments, medicines and food. As aircraft captain you are responsible for resupply. You'll fly many different aircraft. Over many different seas.

Read all about it in the missions PDF flyer <> or have a look at the intro video on the FScene YouTube channel:

The first missions are already waiting for you. Get them and get connected to

the project at FScene

Because the FScene replacement ground textures pleasantly enhance the landscapes in these missions, you can take advantage of related special FScene offers during the whole periode of the Beagle mission project.

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