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Battle of Kingdoms

Client available for download ahead of next month's closed beta.

FUNMILY officially releases BATTLE OF KINGDOMS client, an MMORTS developed by Korea’s MOBICLE. BATTLES OF KINGDOMS adopted a 5 versus 5 strategic gameplay similar to DOTA. In BATTLE OF KINGDOMS, players are have a variety of heroes to choose and destroy their opponent’s castle.

After a series of development and tweaks, FUNMILY’s BATTLE OF KINGDOMS comes with the revolutionary Single Player Mode which stands out from other similar type games. Players are now able to download and instantly try out and explore BATTLE OF KINGDOMS before closed beta begins. All the heroes for the closed beta will be included in the Single Player Mode to facilitate the ease of challenges when closed beta begins.

BATTLE OF KINGDOMS had scheduled 12 heroes to be available for selection during closed beta. These 12 heroes come from different dimension and gathers in the Kingdoms period. Each equipped with unique skills and abilities to conquer the kingdom. These available characters are Lu Bu, Zhuge Liang, Huang Zhong and Da Qiao from the Three Kingdoms Period, Wu Song and Pan Jin Lian from Water Margin Heroes, and various famous Japanese characters such as Hattori Hanz¨­, Abe no Seimei and Miyamoto Musashi to fascinate players. With the combination of other various heroes such as Zhang San Feng, Genghis Khan and Sun Tzu, it is a battle between different time and space which is one of its kinds.

BATTLE OF KINGDOMS comes with a practice mode within the game and it comes with a single lane map for selection. However, all the items and neutral creeps are still available for players to plan strategies and combos to take down the opposing team. Computer AI comes in 3 different grades for players to choose. During the closed beta the lobby will then only be opened up for players to begin their tourney of challenges.

BATTLE OF KINGDOMS CLOSED BETA is scheduled early December and closed beta account is schedule to be given away on the 30th November 2009 through various channels.

Anticipating players please visit the official website for future updates.

BATTLE OF KINGDOMS Official Website:

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