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Australia Charts: Platinum price sends Need for Speed Underground to No.1

Doom 3 has been knocked off the top of the Australian game sales charts after only a single week at number one, as Electronic Arts' Need for Speed Underground (PS2) took the top spot thanks to strong budget sales.

The title, which was launched on the PS2 Platinum and Xbox Classics ranges a few weeks ago, has been steadily climbing up the charts at the new price point, and as well as the PS2 version taking the number one spot this week, the Xbox edition is at number four.

Doom 3 drops a single place to number two, while Sony's Athens 2004 is unmoved at number three, and another Sony title, Singstar, is also unchanged at number five this week.

Atari's Driv3r on PS2 drops down the chart once more this week, and is now down to number eight in the ranking - but there's success for a few more budget titles, as the Platinum editions of Medal of Honour Rising Sun and Ratchet & Clank 2 take sixth and seventh place respectively, while the budget-priced MOH Rising Sun on Xbox slips back into the top ten at number ten.

Aside from Doom 3, it's been a very quiet month for new releases in Australia, which has allowed budget re-issues to dominate the chart - but EA will undoubtedly be pleased, if not surprised, to see NFS:U taking another week at number one in a national chart over eight months after it was originally launched.

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