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Every Pokémon fan’s dream comes true at Nintendo’s ‘Hunt for Deoxys’ Download Events

XX August 2005 - Nintendo is hunting down its biggest and boldest Pokémon fans this Autumn to help search for the elusive Deoxys. Pokémon fans across the country can download Aurora Tickets onto their Pokémon LeafGreen version and Pokémon FireRed version games. The Aurora Ticket allows players to visit the previously inaccessible Birth Island and capture the elusive Pokémon, Deoxys!

Gamers should head down to their local VUE cinema this October and November to get their hands on the legendary Aurora Ticket and experience Pokémon fever at the official 'Hunt for Deoxys' Download event! But the Pokémon battle doesn't stop there! The 'Hunt for Deoxys' is kicked off with a search where fans have to collect four hidden letters to gain exclusive Pokémon prizes. The search starts with the hunt's official media partner JETIX at and via postcards at 1,000 schools across the UK where players get top-secret information on the letters' locations to win prizes such a family holiday and exclusive Pokémon prizes including copies of the game, exclusive Game Boy Advance SP consoles and tons of other great Pokémon prizes.

But don't forget - catching Deoxys is nothing like catching a regular Pokémon! To download the sought after Aurora Ticket to their Game Boy Advance SP, players must get to a special point in their game of Pokémon LeafGreen or Pokémon FireRed to activate the download (see below) - so they'd better get battling now! After receiving the Aurora Ticket from the download terminal, players need to go to Vermilion City in their game and travel to Birth Island. Then, upon completing a tricky puzzle challenge, Pokémon fans must use their Poké Ball or Master Ball to finally catch the exclusive Deoxys!!

All kids have to remember is to take their copy of Pokémon LeafGreen or Pokémon FireRed, their Game Boy Advance Wireless Adaptor plus their Game Boy Advance SP to their local VUE cinema, where they can download the Aurora Ticket.

Deoxys, the hidden 386th Pokémon on Pokémon LeafGreen or Pokémon FireRed, is a Pokémon belonging to the Psychic type, and is only available via download. The most exciting element of Deoxys is its uniqueness. Deoxys has four different 'Forms' each with differing levels of stats and abilities. The Form which Deoxys takes depends on which game it is to be found in: 'Attack Form' in Pokémon FireRed, 'Defence Form' in Pokémon LeafGreen, 'Normal Form' in Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, and finally 'Speed Form' in the forthcoming Pokémon Emerald. By trading Deoxys to each of the other games you can employ different strategies and enjoy exciting battles with each of these different forms. *

  • To trade Deoxys to Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, you need the Game Boy Advance link cable (sold separately). For trading between Pokémon FireRed, Pokémon LeafGreen Pokémon Emerald you can use the Wireless Adaptor.


As well as the exclusive Deoxys download, The 'Hunt for Deoxys' Download Event gives Pokémon Trainers the special chance to play the forthcoming Pokémon Emerald game on the Game Boy Advance SP and Pokémon XD on the Nintendo GameCube. In addition, Pokémon trading card fans can challenge each other in the ultimate card games and battles.

The 'Hunt for Deoxys' Download Event is formed of four exciting Pokémon zones where new and old fans can experience the ultimate in Pokémon paradise.

Zone One - The Trading Card Zone - Esdevium bring their leading trading card game to the 'Hunt for Deoxys' Download event, enabling up to eight players at a time to challenge each other with their strongest Pokémon cards.

Zone Two - The Preview Zone - Players can experience the latest Pokémon game, Pokémon Emerald, before it hits the shops.

Zone Three - Battle Zone - Here players can have the chance to play a sneak preview demo of the forthcoming XD, before it reaches the shops in November. Will you be able to 'Snag' all the Shadow Pokémon?!"

Zone Four - The Deoxys Download Station - The highlight of the 'Hunt for Deoxys' Download Event is where Pokémon fans, who have reached the correct level in Pokémon LeafGreen and Pokémon FireRed, can bring their copy of the game with them and download the Aurora Ticket, completely free.

The 'Hunt for Deoxys' Download event will be at the following VUE cinemas for two days each only:

o Croydon Grants 8-9 October

o Cheshire Oaks 15-16 October

o North Finchley 22-23 October

o Leeds 25-26 October

o Leicester 27-28 October

o Birmingham 29-30 October

o Bristol Cribbs 5-6 November

Click onto for all of the most up to date official information on Pokémon LeafGreen, Pokémon FireRed, Pokémon Emerald and Pokémon XD.


For further information, please contact Simon Watts or Stephanie Moses at the Nintendo press office on 020 7307 3103


Download information

To download the elusive Deoxys at the 'Hunt for Deoxys' Download Events, battlers need to get to a certain stage in their game of Pokémon LeafGreen or Pokémon FireRed! Here is the low-down on catching the most exclusive Pokémon ever!

Preparing for the Aurora Ticket

1. Go to any friendly Pokémon Mart

2. On the desk there should be a small square memo

3. Press A Button near the memo, and a questionnaire will pop up

4. Enter the words "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL"

5. The counter person will react and tell you that you should now receive Mystery Gifts!

6. Save your game, then turn off your Game Boy Advance SP

7. Turn on your game, and a Mystery Gift should appear below the new game slot

8. When selecting Mystery Gift, you see Wonder Card and Wonder News. Select Wonder Card


After receiving the Aurora Ticket download

1. Go to the second floor of any Pokémon Centre in the game

2. Talk to the man in the green hat

3. After speaking to him, your Aurora Ticket will be in the Key Items portion of your bag

4. Save your game, then turn off your Game Boy Advance SP

5. The Aurora Ticket cannot be traded or transferred

Using the Aurora Ticket

1. Go to the port in Vermilion city (you must have the Rainbow Pass - to obtain the Rainbow Pass you must first give the Ruby to Celio on One Island)

2. When you speak to the sailor at the dock, Birth Island will appear as a new destination

3. Travel to Birth Island


5. You will see a large patch of ground shaped like a triangle... a smaller triangle rests in the middle

6. Move the triangle in the middle into three corners... careful, if you get too close to the edge, you have to start from the beginning

7. After completing this quest (see 'Solving the Birth Island Puzzle' below), DEOXYS WILL APPEAR!

Solving the Birth Island Puzzle

CATCHING DEOXYS ISN'T EASY! Well to make things a little easier, here's a step-by-step guide to solve the mysterious triangle puzzle on Birth Island.

1. First... Save your Game!

2. Approach the mysterious triangle from below and press the A button.

3. Press left on your directional pad 5 times, then press down 1 time. Now press the A button.

4. Press right on your directional pad 5 times, then press up 5 times. Now press the A button.

5. Press right 5 times, then press down 5 times. Now press the A button.

6. Press up 3 times, left 7 times, and then press the A button.

7. Press right 5 times, then press the A button.

8. Press left 3 times, down 2 times, then press the A button.

9. Press down 1 time, then left 4 times, then press the A button.

10. Press right 7 times, then press the A button.

11. Press left 4 times, down 1 time, then press the A button.

12. Press up 4 times, then press the A button.

13. Now Deoxys will appear! Get ready to battle Deoxys.

14. Like with any Pokémon, whittle the HP down to the red as much as possible, then throw your strongest Poké Ball (if you have a Master Ball in your inventory, don't even bother whittling the HP down... just throw it!)



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