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Atomic keeps quiet on Benito quit rumours

Sources indicate creative director's departure from Six Days in Fallujah developer

Sources have indicated to that Juan Benito, the creative director at Atomic Games, has left the company.

While his profile is still listed on the company's website, the developer behind the controversial Six Days in Fallujah action title refused to confirm or deny the truth of the speculation.

"Atomic Games has no comment at this time," read a brief statement issued to us.

Attempts to reach Benito, who co-founded Red Storm Entertainment and worked on the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon franchises, have also proved fruitless so far.

Six Days in Fallujah is an attempt to recreate the "true stories of marines and soldiers who fought in the largest urban battle in nearly half a century" in the Iraq conflict in 2004, but following a public backlash, Konami pulled out of the publishing deal.

Following that move in April, Atomic CEO Peter Tamte roundly defended the game's creation, blasting critics by asking if videogame developers should be regarded simply as "toymakers" or as "media companies capable of producing content that is as relevant as movies, music and television."

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