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Asus unveils the ROG Ally handheld PC

The new hardware aims to take on Valve's Steam Deck and will have a "very competitive" price tag

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Hardware manufacturer Asus has unveiled the ROG Ally, its new handheld PC device.

The firm said on Twitter, "it's real; stay tuned for more." Additionally, consumers can sign up to learn when preorders for the device will be live.

Further details about the device were revealed in a hands-on video from YouTuber Dave "Dave2D" Lee.

Lee said the device's screen size is seven inches across, displays resolutions at 1080p, has a refresh rate of 120Hz, and has a quiet fan. He also noted that the handheld PC feels lighter when compared to the Steam Deck.

The Ally will support a Windows 11 operating system and will be compatible with Xbox Game Pass. Also, when asked about how much the device will set back consumers, Asus told Lee that pricing will be "very competitive."

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