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Asgard Heroes

New browser-based game on the way from the chaps behind Galactic Dream.

For Immediate Release

September 30, 2009 – Evolution Vault, developer of the 'quick and engaging' space RTS Galactic Dream: Rage of War ( and the epic browser-based game EV Online (, announced today plans to release a new browser game.

Prepare yourself to enroll in a journey to the stars and beyond, while fighting not only for your own sake, but also for the very lives of your people. Asgard Heroes will feature a world with thousands of Altarians fighting for survival. One begins the game acting as a Commander of an abandoned colony on the surface of a deserted planet, and struggles to rebuild and reach the stars, in an epic quest for freedom and glory.


Far away in the galaxy, an alien species prepares intensively for a full-scale galactic war with unknown enemies. As a future Fleet Commander, your skills and limits are put to the test, by being willingly stranded on an abandoned colony. You have to rebuild the existing structures, research new technologies and challenge your other brothers, who apparently have the same task as you do: to prove themselves worthy.

Asgard is in desperate need for heroes! Are you man enough to lead your people to freedom or are you too afraid to even try? Are you a hero or a coward? You decide!


- Expand from underground to the planetary surface and, finally, reach the stars;

- Research technologies that will allow you to move ahead of your competition;

- Carefully plan your defense, trade, spy, create treaties, forge alliances or wage wars;

- On the ground, your troops will travel to other planets through stargates;

- In space, powerful carriers will transport your ships, the harbingers of death;

- Rebuild your colony from the ashes to its fullest potential; prove yourself worthy.

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Evolution Vault was established in October 2005 as an independent developer of computer games. The company is well known for its space-faring RTS game called Galactic Dream: Rage of War. Today Evolution Vault is expanding its territory towards online gaming, focusing exclusively on the creation of quality browser-based games.


Radu Soldan (CEO)


Telephone: +40 (072) 239-4533



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