Spore breaks 1 million barrier

Will Wright's life sim title is "off to a great start"

According to Electronic Arts, Spore has now sold more than 1 million units since going on sale for the PC, Mac and Nintendo DS platforms on September 7.

The game, which unsurprisingly topped the most recent US PC chart - and could stay there for some time - has been in the spotlight as the latest title from Will Wright, and over 25 million player-created creatures, vehicles and buildings have been submitted to the Sporepedia so far.

"Spore is a hit," said Frank Gibeau, president of the EA Games Label. "Will Wright's latest delivers an incredibly diverse game that appeals to casual gamers and the core alike. We're off to a great start moving into the holiday season and believe Spore will deliver a platform of creativity for gamers of all stripes for years to come."

And the game's executive producer, Lucy Bradshaw, added: "We're humbled by how quickly the community has taken to the creativity tools in Spore.

"It's amazing to see the sheer imagination represented in the hundreds of thousands of creatures, vehicles and buildings that have been uploaded around the clock since launch."

Although Spore may have taken longer to notch up 1 million units than some other titles - notable Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which this week announced 1.5 million units in just five days - Wright's game, not unlike his previous Sims franchises, is far likelier to have a much longer tail.

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