Riccitiello: EA will support Natal and PS3 motion tech

EA boss is "positive" on the opportunities afforded by both new controllers

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has said the company is "positive" on the opportunities offered by both Microsoft's Natal and Sony's motion controller, stating the company will support both.

"We're really positive on both," said the exec during a call to investors following the release of EA's Q1 financials.

"Our view is that motion-based gaming is something that is both going to drive install base, drive interest and drive growth. We’re positive overall."

He added: "We’re planning to support both. We haven’t yet announced our plans to do so, but we shall do so in the right time-frame for that, which is likely to be early-to-mid-2010."

Riccitiello's comments, reported by VG247, follow recent rumours Natal will be released towards the end of 2010. Sony's motion controller is scheduled for spring 2010.

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