PC games sales up 18 per cent in 2008

Total PC market put at 228 million units thanks to Asia and online growth

PC gaming software revenues rose by 18 per cent to USD 12.7 billion in 2008, according to a new report from the PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA).

The non-profit corporation's 2008 Horizon's Report suggests that the overall market value for PC games and games hardware was USD 68 billion in 2008. This figure is expected to rise to USD 143 billion by 2013.

The total installed userbase of PCs that could be used to play games (including both desktops and notepads) was estimated at 228 million. By 2013 this figure is estimated to rise to 600 million, making the PC by far the most prevalent games format in the world.

"PC gaming extends way beyond a dedicated niche of hardcore PC gamers and high-end PC gaming systems," said Bob O'Donnell, IDC vice president for clients and displays. "In fact, surveys of US consumers show that about 60 per cent of all consumers over 18 play some kind of games and about 59 percent of them prefer PCs as their primary platform."

The report suggests that software growth was driven by online sales, particularly in Asia, with online revenue trends closely following changes in broadband penetration.

"In 2008, China became the leading market for PC games and almost all the revenue in China was from online business models that involved no physical retail component," said DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole. "Going forward, we expect China’s business model will be implemented on a global basis."

The full Horizon's Report is available to all PCGA members, further information can be found at the corporation's official website.

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