Monumental: Facebook will soon be home to veteran gamers

Farmville teaches how to play games; EA did "exactly the right thing" in response to social gaming growth

Speaking about his company's strategy for releasing games onto Facebook, Monumental Games' CEO Rik Alexander has said that 18 months from now there will be more veteran gamers on Facebook than ever.

"I think in 18 months time Facebook is going to have more veteran gamers. Although they probably don't realise it, they're becoming better at games - playing Farmville teaches you certain things about gaming," Alexander told "Over time they'll be thinking 'I don't want that any more because it's boring, what I want to be able to do is compete with other players and beat them in other ways.'"

As such, Monumental has revealed that its first MMO for the social networking site will be one that can evolve depending on what proves popular with its players.

The game itself will take place in a playground world, said Alexander, and the games players can take part in within it will be based on ones they're already familiar with - like hide and seek, and tag.

"Our Facebook strategy is simple - over two years we're going to release 4-6 games and we're going to use KPIs [Key Performance Indicators] to track the first one, put themes out, keep evolving it and track the KPIs to see what everybody likes," he explained. "So very Playfish, very Zynga - they made some money to start with, but they didn't make the big money until 18 months in when they just looked at all the KPIs, looked at what people wanted and then went for the big one and now have about 80 million users in Farmville.

"We're kind of coming in at the second phase. The first phase, the 2D stuff, is going very well, and we're coming in with 3D social games, proper ones where you can interact with your friends in a 3D environment and do all this stuff you already know."

"You look at World of Warcraft and people see it as a mass market MMO, but when it comes down to it it really isn't," added Monumental's COO, Paul Mayze. "It's still a hardcore MMO, it's just quite an accessible one.

"When it comes down to it 13 million is absolutely bloody fantastic but it's still only a fraction of the number of players that are playing Farmville. So we're thinking, if we're going to plug something into Facebook, we're talking proper mass market here. MMOs are for hardcore players - how's that going to feel to a Facebook user? Then we realised there's no reason why MMOs should be for the hardcore. There's no obligation to have quests and grinding and all the things we tend to associate with MMOs."

Alexander and Mayze also say that EA reacted "exactly the right way" to the growth in social gaming by buying Playfish at the end of last year.

"It's difficult for big publishers to move dynamically into spaces that are quickly growing and changing. EA have huge infrastructure costs, so doing anything costs them 10m - as soon as they set up the team for a year it's 10m. You'd end up spending that on your first Facebook game, you'd never make any money back, at which point you'd stop making Facebook games. It's just a different business than they're used to," said Alexander.

Our full interview with Monumental, in which its execs further discuss the company's plans for Facebook, a console MMO and Sony's motion controller can be found here.

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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 8 years ago
Facebook to cater for veteran gamers? Still a long long way I would say if that's their vision.
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You only think that Kingman because there is noting there at the moment.

Build it and they will come :)
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Luis Morales Public relations, Med Mercs8 years ago
Agree! I get a lot of feed back from friends and colleagues that have tried the Facebook thing and they just think something is missing.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 8 years ago
I do understand Ewan, most platforms can cater for veteran gamers as long as it gets built up. But at the moment Facebook really is rather lacking.

It does have potential so it'll be interesting to see how things develop. Good luck with this MMO though!
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