Midway confirms Newcastle studio closure

Necessary Force IP reverts back to publisher

Midway Games has confirmed it has closed its Newcastle studio, recently responsible for Wheelman.

Along with the publisher's team in San Diego, the studio was not included in the USD 33 million sale of assets to Warner Bros, completed this month.

"We can confirm that we closed the Newcastle studio unfortunately," said Geoff Mogilner, head of corporate communications at Midway, speaking to Gamasutra. “We had a period of time that was required by UK law to notify the employees of the pending studio closure."

"During that time, we made every effort to find a buyer for the studio, and we were unfortunately unsuccessful at that. Today was when we had to close the studio."

The studio was working on action game Necessary Force, and the rights to the game are still held by Midway Games, although the company is undecided on the future of the project.

"It is for sale potentially, but we have not decided what we're going to do with that intellectual property," added Mogilner.

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robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard12 years ago
Worth noting with this is that the closure of the studio was a liquidation - we didn't get paid our redundancy notice, redundancy pay or any holiday pay... we had also, in fact, worked for 2 extra weeks in July without being paid - despite being told that the payroll would be made. Last week, actually, we were told that the payroll had been agreed and processed by Midway London - this was either a lie or Midway cancelled that payroll after it was made (the latter was denied during the liquidation announcement by Matt Booty and Steve Marrin who both claimed not to have spoken to Midway London in some time...).

Not really the most graceful of endings for Midway...
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Utterly disgraceful...
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