Kuju at work on multi-core engine

Publisher commits "substantial investment" in developing new tool, codenamed Fabric

Kuju has announced that it has made a "substantial investment" in its next generation of game engine technology.

The engine, codenamed Fabric, is focused on working on current and potential future multi-core platforms. It is hoped that Fabric will not only give developers a leg up on new hardware but also prove a useful tool throughout the latter part of the current consoles' lifecycles.

"This is so much more than just building another renderer; we have been developing this engine in a fundamentally different way to previous generations of technology," said Adrian Hawkins, technical director at Kuju.

"Fabric enables straightforward scaling based on the number of processor cores available, and ensuring all game code is developed within a framework of granular task modelling. Our studios will make their first use of it in the second half of this year."

CEO Ian Baverstock, added: "Several of our studios have already started looking at the implications of the upcoming many-core technologies and it is great to be able to announce this investment into the central R&D team for the benefit of the whole group."

"Kuju has been around for long enough to know the importance of preparing well in advance for the major changes that new hardware can bring; we think it's important to start preparing for the next wave now."

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