Eidos drops casual games studio

Gimmie5games breaks free from publisher to become independent once again

Tomb Raider publisher Eidos has severed ties with its casual studio Gimmie5games.

Gimmie5games was part of the Morpheme Games Studio picked up in 2007, and now becomes an independent team continuing its focus on web and casual markets.

"This is the best route for all parties involved," commented Matt Spall, general manager of Gimmie5games.

"We understand we're not the focus of Eidos' business right now, but we passionately believe in our business and this way the team here are free to explore new and exciting business opportunities."

Eidos has sold back the rights to and

The publisher has trimmed its staff and portfolio as it concentrates on its core properties. Last month, Eidos closed its mobile studio Rockpool Games.

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