DS still dominates Japanese hardware charts

New colours help Nintendo stay on top, but Xbox 360 S sales halved after impressive launch

Although overall sales are down this week, recent price cuts and new hardware colours continue to have a positive effect on Nintendo DS sales in Japan. The three current models sold 56,271 units in total, down around 8000 units on the previous week.

The DSi XL was also the number selling individual hardware format of the week, on 32,661 units, helped by the number one success of Level-5's Inazuma Eleven 3 . The DSi sold 18,271 units and despite currently being phased out the DS Lite still managed 5,339 units.

Total PSP sales stood at 25,709 for the week, with the PSPgo accounting for just 1,024. PSP-3000 sales of 24,685 were almost identical to the previous week.

Both the Wii and PlayStation 3 saw a small increase to 21,964 and 20,077 units, respectively.

After an impressive total of 17,370 the previous week, during the launch of the new look Xbox 360, sales of Microsoft's home console dropped to 7,303 this week.

The Media Create Japanese hardware chart for the week ending July 4:

  • Nintendo DSi XL: 32,661
  • PSP: 24,685
  • Wii: 21,964
  • PlayStation 3: 20,077
  • Nintendo DSi: 18,271
  • Xbox 360: 7303
  • Nintendo DS Lite: 5339
  • PlayStation 2: 1594
  • PSPgo: 1024

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360 sales drop as expected - its actually held up better than I would have thought. Still, in the big picture where the PS3 has an install base >4m, and the Wii >9m - an extra 50k sales is a drop in the market-share ocean.

I can't believe Sony is persisting with the PSPgo - I guess the per-unit profit must be high enough to offset any potential embarrassment from the device.
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