Big Fish passes one billion game downloads

Online casual games company passes significant milestone

Casual games portal Big Fish has announced that over one billion games have been downloaded from its online portal.

As well as delivering games through, it also publishes on PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad, Facebook, DS and traditional retail channels.

"This milestone underscores the strength of our franchise and the growing demand for high-quality games from our studios and valued developer partners," offered Jeremy Lewis, president and CEO of Big Fish Games.

"We look forward to expanding our reach and driving the overall growth of this $2.75 billion casual games market (according to a 2009 Casual Games Association study) by doubling our number of foreign-language sites, introducing our content on new platforms, and adding new distribution channels."

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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 11 years ago
Well done! Hope you continue with your success.

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Jeff Wilson11 years ago
I think the Puzzle games are terrific. More please !
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