3DS date, cost unveiled in September

Nintendo reveals all on the 29th - are Mar 2011 and $249 rumours true?

Nintendo has confirmed to Bloomberg Japan that it will finally reveal pricing and availability details for its upcoming 3DS handheld on September 29.

While the device was unveiled at E3 last month and Nintendo has stated it will be available in 2011, there has been no concrete confirmation of a global release.

The price, meanwhile, has seen only speculation thus far - with analysts predicting an RRP of $249-299.

Nintendo spokesman Yasushi Hiroshi Minagawa also told Bloomberg that the much-anticipated date and cost reveal would be made in Japan.

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Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
In that case, if they're only announcing the release date and price in September, I doubt it will launch this year (at least, certainly not in the West). I expect March next year would be a realistic time, maybe following globally in the two or three months thereafter.
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I don't agree: I think its almost certain we'll get a Xmas launch somewhere - probably Japan. There isn't enough coming out for the DS this Xmas, and announcing a launch date for the 3DS just *after* Xmas will only depress Xmas sales. Maybe even a month (late Oct) after the announcement.

A worldwide launch would be ideal, but the chances of having enough stock for that would be unlikely.
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Josef Brett Animator 7 years ago
Now it's been rumoured and speculated that Japan will get a pre Xmas release, Ninty will almost certainly have to release it before xmas. Otherwise it will kill sales of the other DS hardware and software and they'll miss the Xmas boat. Releasing in March has never made sense.
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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 7 years ago
They aren't going to have enough stock to meet demand however they launch it. Surely putting it up for xmas in all 3 main territories would massively increase the customer awareness alone which would justify the lack of stock. On top of which, we all know how much hype the lack of stock gives a system.

On top of which, I think that Nintendo recording losses partially due to lack of DS software will drive them to get this on the shelf.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Patrick, profits were actually around $500 million but they had a one time $794 million foreign exchange loss which is what resulted in the overall $288 million loss that is reported.

They had slower DS hardware and software sales but lower sales would simply mean lower profits, not actual losses.

I foresee a X-mas Japanese launch and an early March US/Euro launch. $200-$250 USD.
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Dan Griliopoulos Dreams 7 years ago
Announcing an announcement... oy.
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Pierre Vandenbroucke Assistant de production, Gorgone Productions7 years ago
And even a small stock X-mas release will benefit nintendo.
As other people said, announcing it after X-mas will kill sales.

But if the release date is, say, 1st december. Huuge amounts of preorders + 3 km long lines in front of the shops + people camping in he street to get a 3DS = no more stock. But I don't think people would buy a PSP instead.

They 'll wait, so it would really launch the 3DS (extra hype, people gettig crazy after "new stock arrival !" annouces) + people don't buy a PSP, 'cause "We'll have new stocks for the 3DS in two weeks or so".

Oh, BTW, my birthday is December 1st, so if I'm right and somebody's in Japan at that time... ;-)
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