During Q1 2022 global mobile game revenue declined 6% to $21.2bn

The US saw a drop of 10% in consumer spending, whereas Japan's player revenue fell by 18% during the period

Today Sensor Tower released a new report which said that during Q1 2022, global mobile gaming amassed $21.2 billion in revenue, a 6% decline compared to last year.

The analytics firm's State of Mobile Gaming report provided a more detailed breakdown of revenue performance by country.

The US saw mobile game consumer spending decline by 10%, as it generated just under $6 billion for the quarter.

Despite the decrease, the country remains the top mobile games market Sensor Tower said.

Whereas Japan, the second largest mobile games market, was down 18% year-over-year and amassed $4.2 billion for the period.

Additionally, the report said that US consumer spending on the Google Play Store dropped by 22% during Q1 of 2022.

Sensor Tower went to say that this maybe attributed to inflation and rising cost of living in the US.

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