Gamigo reports that it has reached carbon neutrality

Publisher has offset emissions by funding equivalent carbon dioxide reduction efforts elsewhere

Publisher Gamigo announced today it achieved carbon neutrality last year as a part of steps for a more sustainable world.

"While the long-term goal for Gamigo is to identify the full potential to further reduce its overall CO2 footprint, emissions that can no longer be reduced will be offset," the company said.

"As part of these efforts to contribute to climate action, Gamigo's parent company [Media and Games Invest Se] therefore offset the carbon dioxide emissions for 2020. This includes any CO2 emissions from datacenters, offices, travelling, and suppliers."

While Gamigo still produces carbon dioxide through its usual business activities, the company says it is offsetting that amount by funding an equivalent reduction in carbon dioxide elsewhere.

The publisher has shared that through its efforts of reducing carbon emissions it has supported projects such as the Clean Water Project in Rwanda and the Solar Power Project in Kenya.

Additionally, Gamigo said it has partnered with carbon management platform Planetly as it aims to further reduce its carbon footprint.

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