Atari VCS goes on pre-sale in the US starting at $250

Highest price version is the "All In" edition with 8GB of RAM, classic joystick, and modern controller for $390

Pre-sales have begun for Atari's upcoming new console, the Atari VCS, with prices on different versions running from $250 up to $390.

The Atari VCS is planned for a March 2020 launch and can be pre-ordered in the US through the official website, GameStop, or Walmart. There are two different models plus a third bundle, with multiple colors available.

A 4GB model will cost $249.99, while an 8GB model is $279.99. Each retailer has its own exclusive color of a bundled 8GB edition of the console that includes a Classic Joystick controller and a Modern Controller. The bundles cost $389.99, with individual Classic Joysticks and Modern Controllers available for purchase for $49.99 and $59.99, respectively.

The Atari VCS purportedly features an AMD Ryzen processor that can handle 4K HDR streaming, and will allow users to play new games, classic and remastered Atari titles, and stream multimedia. Every console will ship with the Atari Vault, which includes over 100 Atari home and arcade classic titles.

So far, no other games have been announced for the system. More details on games and other software, as well as distribution outside the US, are expected later this year.

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