Fast Travel Games sold more on PSVR than Steam, Oculus and Viveport combined

PSVR accounts for 58% of Apex Construct sales, said CEO Oskar Burman, and Sony's lead is getting wider

The prominent VR studio Fast Travel Games is selling more units on PlayStation VR than on all PC storefronts combined.

Fast Travel Games CEO Oskar Burman released proportional sales figures for the studio's ambitious VR game Apex Construct on Twitter this week.

Overall, Sony's VR platform has contributed 58% of the game's sales to date, more than Steam (23%) and the Oculus Store (19%) combined. According to Burman, Viveport represented "less than 1%" of Apex Construct's total sales.

"Playstation has taken an even bigger share since last time I shared numbers," Burman added, "which is what to expect considering indications of strong PSVR sales in 2018."

However, Burman noted that, based on Fast Travel's sales, the entire VR market appears to be growing. In fact, December 2018 was the best month for Apex Construct sales since it first launched.

Burman added: "My guess is a bunch of people found a new VR HMD under the christmas tree in 2018."

We met with Fast Travel Games co-founder Martin Odeldahl at the Nordic Game Conference last year. To read the article, follow the link.

Thanks UploadVR.

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