Pokemon GO earned $73 million in October

Earnings represent 67% year-over-year increase, edges Niantic's title over Fortnite for mobile revenue

Pokemon GO has once again seen a relatively successful month, though it's coming down slightly after a summer surge. Niantic's location-based AR adventure brought in $73 million in revenue for October, a 67% year-over-year increase.

This is still a bit of a dip from the game's summer high, but given the game is in many regards a seasonal one, the slight drop is unsurprising and in line with what Niantic has seen in past years as the weather grows colder.

What's more interesting about the numbers from Sensor Tower is both that the game seems to be doing better this year than last, cold weather aside, and that it also narrowly edged out Fortnite (on mobile) for total revenue last month. Pokemon GO ended October at No.8 in revenue across all apps on iOS and Android, and No.7 across all games. Fortnite was one spot below.

Niantic continues to make a more steadfast effort to support Pokemon Go through the winter months this year with various in-game events and changes. The year-over-year differences in revenue will be especially notable into early 2019, as Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu and Eevee (complete with Pokemon Go integrations) launch in just over a week.

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