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IGN drops Dead Cells reviewer after plagiarism investigation

Update: Site apologizes to Boomstick Gaming after determining now-former employee lifted the content of its YouTube review

IGN has removed a review from its website following accusations that it heavily plagiarises a similar video from a YouTuber.

YouTuber channel Boomstick Gaming brought the issue to light with a video comparing the two, which you can watch below.

His review for indie roguelike Dead Cells was published to the video platform last week, with IGN releasing their own review yesterday. The latter's was penned by Nintendo editor Filip Miucin, and released in both video and written form.

Boomstick Gaming's video shows the remarkable similarities between a lot of the editorial, and even the structure of the review. In the show notes, he has transcribed excerpts from both reviews, which show just a few changes have been made to words and sentence structure.

IGN has since removed both versions of its own Dead Cells review, and replaced the written version with the following statement:

"As a group of writers and creators who value our own work and that of others in our field, the editorial staff of IGN takes plagiarism very seriously. In light of concerns that have been raised about our Dead Cells review, we've removed it for the time being and are investigating."

You can watch Boomstick Gaming's comparisons here.

Update: IGN has issued an official statement on the issue, and has fired the responsible writer. The statement can be seen in full below:

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Latest comments (3)

Shaun Joy Software Engineer/Youtuber/Game Reviewer 3 years ago
Boomstick Gaming is a relatively small YouTube channel with just 12,000 subscribers, so it could be that - if the review was indeed copied intentionally - Miucin believed there wouldn't be enough crossover between the audiences for it to be noticed.
This is a horrible justification to try to explain what is straight up plagiarism. I get that you may want to see an explanation that says otherwise, but there's NO justification to steal content from another creator. None.
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Benjamin Fuhrmann Junior Designer, Skydance Interactive3 years ago
@Shaun Joy: Doesn't read like a justification to me. Seems like it's trying to answer the question of "how the hell did he think he'd get away with this?" It's pretty clearly plagiarism and that's clearly wrong. The only question mark is: why would he do such a stupid thing?
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany3 years ago
@Shaun Joy: Justification? They have admitted the unprofessional behavior of one of their reviewers. They even call the incident "plagiarism" without making excuses or beating around the bush.
What they are doing is actually what a website must do in cases like this: Admit the mistake and be transparent with it.

@Benjamin Fuhrmann: The only reason for which I believe the reviewer would have done that, is that he is somewhat new to the industry. What I'm sure is that his career is pretty much done after this one. Offenses like this are not easily forgiven.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Alfonso Sexto on 8th August 2018 9:02am

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