Roblox creators poised to earn over $70 million in 2018

Community has grown to over four million creators, over twice the size it was last year

Roblox continues to be lucrative for young creators on its platform, and growing ever more so. The company has announced that its global community is on track to bring in a total of over $70 million in payouts to creators in 2018, over twice the amount earned last year.

Part of the reason for that growing amount is a growing community of teens and young adults making content. The number of creators is now at over four million and over twice what it was last year. In 2017, these creators put together over 11 million unique in-game experiences, contributing to a platform total of over 40 million.

In addition, Enrico D'Angelo has been hired as the VP of product, developer platform at the company. D'Angelo began his time at the company in May after working for over four years as VP of product management and strategy for free-to-play products at Activision, where he headed up day to day operations for Call of Duty Online and Call of Duty Heroes. He spent over a year prior to this as VP of corporate strategy and business development, also at Activision Blizzard.

Roblox is a platform of over 64 million total users and is mostly targeted toward younger players, who can create characters, structures, and experiences and sell them for other users to play in an in-game marketplace. Nearly two weeks ago, it came under criticism after a group of players used a combination of in-game actions to "violently gang rape" a seven-year-old girl's avatar in-game. Roblox responded by banning the player and is now reviewing its safeguards to ensure it can better protect its young audience.

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