New publisher Inca Games will release Latin American games worldwide

Buenos Aires firm will launch three games by early 2019, plans to incubate future titles

A new Argentinian games publisher has opened its doors with ambitions to bring games developed across South and Central America to more global markets.

The new firm is called Inca Games and will be based in capital city Buenos Aires, with additional offices in San Francisco and the Netherlands. Inca Games has been formed by the executive team behind local developer Sixth Vowel Studio, and will be led by CEO Javier Entelman.

The formation of the company stems from lessons learned while working on Sixth Vowel's upcoming tactical RPG, Element: Space, which will be among the first titles published by the new label.

Also on the release slate are stealth action title Shadow Brawlers by Team Guazu and Tango: The Adventure Game by Gaulicho Games, which explores the history of the dance. All three titles are due for release by early 2019.

In addition to publishing, the firm hopes to provide a range of other services to Latin American developers. Services will include incubation, funding, production assistance, business support, outsourcing and more.

Inca Games is currently seeking Series A funding to accelerate the incubation services and take on additional titles.

"Building a good game is hard but finishing it and getting it published are colossal tasks," said Entelman. "Latin American developers typically encounter an additional set of difficulties that block their path towards launching a game such as access to dev kits, production and go-to-market experience, funding and more.

"Working on Element: Space we gained an understanding of how to overcome these challenges, and now want to share that knowledge with other indies by incubating and publishing their projects."

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Juan Bustelo Game Designer 10 days ago
Element: Space It is scheduled to release Q4 2018, not early 2019. :)
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