Valve continues its fight against "fake games" on Steam

Games that haven't reached Steam's "confidence metric" will be restricted from user achievements and game counts

Valve has placed limitations on achievements and game counts in another step to combat "fake games" on Steam.

In May last year, Valve limited access to Steam Trading Cards until games had reached a "confidence metric" - the point at which it becomes clear that a game is being bought and played by real users.

However, the "fake games" exploiting Trading Cards have been exploiting other systems on Steam; specifically those related to achievements and game counts. In a post shared with the private Steamworks group, Valve said the following restrictions will be placed on games until they reach the same "confidence metric".

Valve is concerned that fake games have been "inflating achievement and game counts" among an, "insignificant number of users." However, while the number of users have taken advantage, "the existence of these fake games still confuses our algorithm and our users."

Managing the content on Steam has been a hot topic in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the company addressed what many saw as inconsistent standards in what was allowed on Steam by seemingly throwing the gates open to all games that aren't, "illegal, or straight up trolling."

Valve then removed AIDS Simulator, Asset Flip Simulator, ISIS Simulator, and Triggering Simulator from Steam, giving an indication of what "straight up trolling" might mean.

Thanks Steam Database.

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Latest comments (2)

Robin Clarke Producer, AppyNation LtdA year ago
Valve should be more careful about the language they use when addressing this issue. "Fake game" is vague enough to be taken by toxic elements to mean that Valve approve of them hounding developers who make games with lower production values or unconventional art styles.

They need a term that more specifically addresses games that exist to exploit the Steam platform metagame. "Achievement farms" or something.
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft GermanyA year ago
One of the first rules that Xbox360 devs had, was that the achievement value had to be always 1000 for retail games, with a minimum and maximum number of 4-50 achievements respectively, and 200 and 12 achievements for downloadable games (later updated to 400 and 24)
This is a good move from Valve, but if it were to come sooner it would have probably prevented a lot of issues.
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