Hi-Rez Studios announces new esports production company

Studio co-founder and COO to head up Skillshot Media as president

Hi-Rez Studios has this week revealed its own dedicated esports production company, Skillshot Media.

As the developer behind esports offerings Smite and Paladins, Hi-Rez Studios has created the new company to manage production and events around both games.

Taking charge over the new company is Hi-Rez Studios' co-founder and COO Todd Harris, while Nabil Ismail will act vice president of operations. Although Harris will remain COO for the developer, his new role as president will assume most of his attention.

"Smite and Paladins have accumulated well over one billion video views while growing a registered player community of over 45 million," said Harris in a statement.

"We started live-streaming games from a bedroom, then a tiny office, and now a dedicated production studio. But our goal has always been to foster community through esports and video content."

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Skillshot Media has a staff of 35 people in its 16,000 square foot office which will open its doors on May 9.

Speaking with The Esports Observer, Hi-Rez Studios' director of player engagement Alex Grimonpont said: "We believe both Smite and Paladins esports will benefit from dedicated resources and leadership and growing both these leagues was the primary reason for creating a new entity.

"As we continue to invest in our esports capabilities, other publishers have also been reaching out to us and this structure allows us to pursue those opportunities in the future."

While there are currently no ironclad deals, Harris informed TEO that additional productions could be announced "as soon as Q1 2019".

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