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Oculus reveals VR titles from Respawn and Pixar

Titanfall and Toy Story studios readying projects for release in 2019 and next month, respectively

Oculus VP of content Jason Rubin appeared at Oculus Connect 4 today to showcase the company's next wave of VR games, including two new titles from highly regarded studios Respawn and Pixar.

The Disney animation branch behind Toy Story and Finding Nemo will make its virtual reality debut with a tie-in project for its next feature film, Coco. The movie debuts in theaters next month, while Coco VR launches on Oculus Rift November 15 and Gear VR November 22. A trailer for the VR spin-off promises "next-level social virtual reality," and shows players dressing up their skeletal avatars, throwing a paper airplane, and performing on stage.

As for Respawn's game, it's not due out until 2019. A teaser trailer for the game showed clips of historical combat intercut with footage of Titanfall, all while a variety of Respawn developers explained that the goal of the VR project is to depict being a soldier in combat "in a more fully fleshed out, realistic way." Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella said he wanted to convey the tension and paranoia a soldier would face in the field, promising a "more visceral, more terrifying" experience.

Rubin said today's announcements were just a "down payment" on fulfilling his promise to bring the biggest and best developers to virtual reality, and called 2018 "the year of infinite potential" for VR. However, he also cautioned the audience that "the road to mass adoption is going to take a while," noting that we've "become impatient as a society."

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Richard Browne Head of External Projects, Digital Extremes3 years ago
Not sure throwing money at it is the solution, it didnít work the first time around. The story studio was doing some truly interesting work, its a shame they got shut down - experimentation is so key - as is story and character interaction.
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