Rust has almost $4.4 million in Steam refunds

Garry Newman says about 330,000 users have changed their minds after purchasing survival game through Valve's store

Rust developer Garry Newman has given an indication of how much Steam's refund system can affect a particular game. In a post on Twitter today, Newman revealed that the survival game has been refunded 329,970 times, returning a total of $4.38 million to players.

Earlier this year, Newman's Facepunch Studios announced that Rust had sold 5.2 million copies. The game launched in 2013, and had long since passed the 1 million mark by the time Steam introduced its refund policy in 2015. That policy lets people refund a game purchase for any reason, provided they ask for their refund within two weeks of the purchase, and have logged less than two hours of play time.

Rust's number of refunds may have jumped somewhat with the current Steam Summer Sale. In May, Steam was handling about 50,000 refund requests on a daily basis. With the Steam Summer Sale going on this week, that number has surged dramatically. As of this writing, Steam's support page indicates it has received 214,126 refund requests in the last 24 hours alone, accounting for about 90% of all user help requests.

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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome EnterprisesA year ago
I think a 6.3% refund rate is close to the average. SteamSpy should try to track that info!
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I hear 6% is about right. And the refund element may actually encourage gamers to take risks on products. It would be hard to work out, but I'd love to see some data on how the refund system has positively impacted sales.
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