VR dev already dropping price

Owlchemy Labs reduces HTC Vive title Job Simulator from $40 to $30 after just two weeks on sale

While virtual reality hardware seems able to command a premium price point, customers may not be willing to extend the same courtesy to software. Early concerns about price pressure on VR software have received some validation this week as Owlchemy Labs dropped the price on its HTC Vive title Job Simulator from $40 to $30 just two weeks after the game and VR headset launched.

In a post on the game's Steam forum explaining the decision, Owlchemy said the game's original price reflected a few factors, including the limited installed base and the need to recoup development costs of 15 people working on the game for a year and a half.

"The community has been sincere and honest with their feedback, and so we're responding," the company said.

While 87 percent of the game's 77 user reviews on the Steam page are positive, price is a common complaint among the negative ones. Owlchemy also established a sub-forum on the game's Steam community discussion board specifically for pricing complaints.

To avoid burning bridges with people who bought the game at its launch price, Owlchemy Labs is temporarily offering full refunds to existing owners, regardless of how much they have played, and encouraging them to repurchase the game at its lower price.

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Nick Coombe Founder, Design Lead, Get Set Games5 years ago
I don't take this as an indication of the current market for VR games - Job Simulator comes bundled with the Vive and on top of that, it requires Vive controllers.

This means that the only people that could or should buy Job Simulator are Vive Pre owners (maybe?) or those who have a Rift with devkit Touch controllers (I'm not even sure if Job Simulator works with Touch controllers). The addressable market for Job Simulator must be in the dozens.

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It’s dangerous to jump to any assumptions at this point.

Agree for a number of early indie developers on the VR bandwagon they were promised with DK1 have suffered some hard times, and many have moved on unable to survive on promises.

The delay in availability of consumer VR hardware, and the confused and manipulated environment of claims and promises has also muddied the water from the ballpark promises.

The reality however is that it will be impossible to profit as an independent developer from VR till an established installed base has been achieved. Now we learn that even the Sony PSVR platform will be linked to a PS4.2 upgrade will also secure a reliable installed base an issue.

Monetarization of VR – in this the claimed “year of VR” – looks to be more a long-term aspiration, than short term reality!
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