PlayStation VR $500 bundle pre-orders start March 22

"If you miss out on this wave of pre-orders, fear not - we'll have another wave in the summer"

Sony's PSVR announcement earlier this week was a pleasant surprise for most people. At $399, Sony's headset is easily the most affordable VR option (apart from any mobile options), but the real cost for those who don't own the camera or Move controllers has been revealed to be $499.99. On the official blog today, Sony announced that a PSVR bundle that includes the headset, two Move controllers, the camera, stereo headphones, cables, a PSVR demo disc and copy of PlayStation VR Worlds would be available to pre-order on Tuesday, March 22 starting at 7AM Pacific.

The bundle will also be available in Canada for $699.99 CAD. Sony is not making the standalone $399 PSVR headset available for pre-order just yet.

"We're thrilled with the response to PlayStation VR so far, and can't wait for all of you to get your hands on one," said John Koller, Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SCEA.

While pre-orders will be in limited supplies during the first wave next week, Sony has promised that it'll have another round of pre-orders during the summer. PSVR is set to launch this October.

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Paulmichael Contreras Contributing Editor, PlayStation LifeStyle2 years ago
The only site I pre-order any console hardware from these days is Amazon.
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Carl Hudson Studying Computer Science, University of Adelaide2 years ago
Reviews suggest the Moves are too slow for immersive VR. Will wait to see if they announce more 'industry standard' VR controllers.
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