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CPI continues to climb on iOS and Android

Fiksu data shows iOS climbing faster, but remains the most cost-effective platform

The cost per install (CPI) in mobile games continued to rise for both major operating systems in June, though iOS is climbing at a sharper rate.

According to the latest data from Fiksu, the CPI for an Android game was $1.59 last month, up 13 per cent over last year. For iOS, the increase was 17 per cent, but in absolute terms it remains the more effective platform in terms of costs, with an average CPI of $1.04.

In a sense, this is a return to the established order, after a relatively brief period in March/April when the CPI for an iOS game rose above that for Android. Indeed, the iOS CPI has declined 21 per cent since May, while Android has fallen by just 13 per cent.

"Despite the decrease in CPIs, if your overall focus extends beyond just downloads it's important to note that the cost to acquire a loyal user remains on the rise," Fiksu noted. "Marketers continue to be willing to pay more for those right users that will pay off in the long run.

Fiksu's Cost Per Install Index measures the cost per app install directly attributed to advertising. The indexes include both incent and non-incent spending.

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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