Nick Baynes heads up new Gunjin Games

"A focus on commercial success, fun gameplay and a creative working environment"


Nick Baynes, head of new studio Gunjin Games, has been in touch with to give a little more insight into its priorities and goals.

Commercially successful games developers tend to share many common traits and skillsets, most acquired over many years of trial and error. Gunjin Games' creation was the product of many of these traits and skillsets coming together at the outset: a lean, focused studio built around an exciting and innovative game concept and sophisticated commercial design, a hugely talented team of industry veterans and the financial backing of a group of industry investors that are adding substantial value.

This not only meets many of the objectives I outlined when starting IronFist but takes it to the next stage. As such, I and the team are focused on Gunjin Games and making this into another great Brighton development success story.

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There's yet another new games development studio in Brighton and it's Gunjin Games, headed up by former Black Rock game director Nick Baynes. He's joined by Big Bit and Block Rock alumni Guy Mills and Matt Ritchie on the project, which will focus on mobile and tablet.

"Gunjin Games is a new Brighton based development studio set up to develop new IP on mobile platforms. We have solid financial foundations already in place, and a clear plan for our project's development and beyond, with a focus on commercial success, fun gameplay and a creative working environment," said the company.

"The studio is headed up by a group of industry veterans with a raft of critically successful games to our name and huge experience in running successful studios."

Gunjin has already secured an initial round of funding from Nick Gibson, Rick Gibson and Ian Hetherington who will all take positions on the Gunjin board. Nick Gibson is a founding director of the new studio, Rick Gibson becomes non-executive director of Gunjin Games and Hetherington takes the role of chairman.

Back in April Baynes spoke to about his other project, Ironfist Games, a studio which planned to offer and lean and agile approach to development. According his LinkedIn Baynes is still CEO there too, but we've contacted him for clarification.

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By Dan Pearson

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Helen Merete Simm Senior UI Artist, Ubisoft Reflections3 years ago
It feels like he only started up Big Bit yesterday! And already starting a new company in direct competition... interesting.

Edit: It was IronFist he started up in April, so this is now his third(?) startup since his departure from BlackRock... And his intention with that company, to run it using a handful of core staff and rely otherwise on contract staff sparked an interesting debate on here... From Big Bit to a big idea
Even more interesting...

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