FuturLab scores 1m PlayStation Store downloads in Europe

Velocity 2X studio hits milestone

Brighton studio Futurlab has revealed its games have now been downloaded over one million times from the PlayStation Store in Europe.

Its latest game, Velocity 2X on PS4 and PS Vita, was recently part of the PlayStation Plus scheme and free to subscribers.

"When we embarked on our first title for PSP Minis, the only advice we were given was that as a small team we were on the wrong platform, but I couldn't accept that," said MD James Marsden.

"By producing a stream of nine critically acclaimed games in the space of four years, this milestone shows that small teams with talent, ambition and commitment can build IP and successful businesses within the PlayStation ecosystem."

The studio's other titles include Surge Deluxe, Coconut Dodge and Beats Slider.

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Gordon Bell Lead Programmer, The Secret Experiment3 years ago
Thoroughly well deserved, congratulations!
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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 3 years ago
I can see a lot of sensible reasoning behind this. Futurelabs would have more trouble visibility wise in a relatively crowded multiplatform space (particularly PC) but with the help that they have most likely received from Sony then this has given them a great step up. I'm sure that moving forward they could open themselves up to wider markets with a good reputation in place.
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