Retailers to sell digital Xbox game codes

Gamers in US and UK getting a new way to buy Xbox 360 and Xbox One content this month, more countries to come

Microsoft is giving gamers another way to get Xbox content. The company today announced that beginning later this month, it will begin selling downloadable codes for specific Xbox One and Xbox 360 games and content at brick-and-mortar retailers in the US and UK.

The first wave of digital offerings to receive in-store codes will include expansion packs for Forza and Halo titles, as well as stand-alone games like Max: Curse of Brotherhood and State of Decay. Microsoft plans to expand the plan in the coming months with the codes hitting stores in other countries, and covering a wider selection of titles, including offerings from other publishers.

This program runs in parallel to Microsoft's current digital code offerings for retailers, which already include gift cards that can be put toward any content on the Xbox Games Store, as well as Xbox Live Gold memberships.

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Jordan Lund Columnist 4 years ago
This is a great idea and something Sony needs to explore as well... Why?

Because people still buy the hardware at retail, that's why. They won't buy the hardware if they see the same stale selection of games due to the new releases being digital only, so this a) gives retailers something to sell and b) brings visibility for digital only titles to the retail marketplace.

If Sony would do the same thing for Vita games you'd see the conventional wisdom change from "Where are all the Vita games?" to "Where did all these Vita games come from?"
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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 4 years ago
Well, I don't think anything will help Vita at this point, even neon signs with flashy arrows

There's a lot of confusion at retail when they have the Hal, Call of Dury, or other themed cards for generic credit. People who are giving something also like to feel like they actually have something to give. The physical is far more important to regular people than most gamers, and those who advocate going digital only are in for a rude awakening when they find out how little value most consumers feel for things they cannot touch. While a higher percentage of younger people don't feel this way, the problem is that more than the difference feel little value for media in general.

Microsoft's original Cbox One plan, that would have been running by now without the paranoid freakouts would have allowed gamestop to sell games, credit, DLC etc directly into your live account, as well as allow you to sell digital games. Even so, having things to browse on a rack certainly helps sales big time.

I still expect this system to show up, along with the ultraviolet style family share in the relatively near future
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Hasn't this been going on for years? I bought Halo Reach DLC from a brick and mortar store just months after it was out...
And you've been able to buy games this way for just as long.
Unless they're referring to the bigger titles (that aren't arcade ones). But the Curse of Brotherhood picture in the article led me to believe it was meaning arcade titles too.

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Joe Winkler trained retail salesman, Expert4 years ago
@Jeff Kleist
I couldn't agree more. The trade and share System Microsoft planned pre E3was a great oppurtunity. Now Sony goes down the road with the sharing Feature and gets credit for it.
But back to the Topic. Buying digital games with prepaid codes is a great way to advertise the selection of Xbox Live and Playstation Network. Mostly because most People still don't see the value of good downloadable content and arcade titles. With something physical in their Hands (even if it's only a plastic card with a logo and digits on it) can take that "fear" of the downloadable content.
Great Idea, and as a retailer I'm already excited to get a bigger presentation for those titles. It's a win/win situation to include both digital items and promotion at the point of sale.

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